Behind the scenes of your business, there's a problem no one talks about: Training doesn't work. Companies spend $650 billion annually on ineffective training—and employees retain less than 20% of the information. Plus, knowledge alone doesn't change behavior. Does knowing fast food is unhealthy, stop you from eating it?

Bitesize is different. We join psychology, mentorship, and technology to dramatically increase successful behaviors. Our consultation services partner with clients to create custom training materials that, when combined with our technology, change behaviors. Our process not only results in 50-75% retention but also moves information from short-term memory, to long-term memory, to habit formation. And changing behavior is what will give your business the power to succeed!   (Patent Pending)  




At Bitesize, we sequence behavior change. First in the sequence is creating a winning environment—laying the groundwork for a smooth path. Second in the sequence is winning behaviors. To get to these new behaviors, we work through 7 layers of change. (See Layering.) Last is the transition or the what's-the-next step. Here, we clear a path to support new habits: "Now that you've accomplished this, here's what's next."


There are 7 layers for solidifying a winning behavior: (1) Information—What you need to know, when you need to know it. (2) Practice—Applying what you know in real-life contexts. (3) Reminder/Disrupters—Smoothing the path for change. (4) Feedback & Accountability—Building on relationship-learning. (5) Socialization—Leveraging social influence. (6) Mentorship & Accountability— Becoming invested in the relationship. (7) Mentor Training—Developing a coaching relationship.



Our Bitesize formula links training videos to real-world activities that build accountability. During activities, participants apply new behaviors. When people apply learning in a meaningful context, they build mental connections that create lasting habits.


Bitesize harnesses learning with relationship-building. When you ask a question of another person—or answer a question for another person—you become invested in that person. These relationships ensure accountability and improve results.


By integrating Bitesize technology into relationships, organizations can teach both the learners and the mentors. The learners are given behaviors to implement on the job; the mentors are given a virtual assistant to improve their coaching.




Bitesize is the world's only automated training system that uses behavioral psychology, technology, and active learning relationships to improve specific skills.

As mentors and learners practice together, clearly-defined skills become habits. Mentors and employees develop meaningful relationships. And relationships build the foundation for learning.