Traits of a good employee every company should look for

Traits of a good employee every company should look for

There are various qualities every hiring manager or company should find in an employee. These traits are important since they will benefit the business. Regardless of the industry, companies should evaluate the employees not just on their intellectual abilities but also on their attitude and personality. 

Remember that information can always be learned and taught. Meanwhile, there’s not much you can do when it comes to a person’s attitude. Thus, companies must hire and promote those who have great traits rather than those who are only skilled. It is often better to go for someone who has the right personality and train them for the skills the position requires.

If you want to know whether an employee deserves to be promoted or an applicant is a right fit for the role, take a look at the following traits a working person should possess below:


Ambitious employees go beyond achieving the company goals and climb their way up to the corporate ladder. They will put their best foot forward and they tend to set their goals and career expectations high. These employees have a strong urge to succeed and progress in their careers. 

Creativity, openness and a positive attitude are also some of the possible traits of an ambitious employee. These traits are all good for the development of your company. The only downside of hiring or promoting such people is that they tend to sacrifice the feelings of their coworkers to achieve their goals. Thus, you need to hire someone who has a sensible amount of emotional intelligence within themselves.


Every manager will be happy to hand a project over to someone confident rather than those who are hesitant and unsure. Confident employees are ready to take risks and challenges. They have faith in their talents and skills. Working with a confident employee will not disappoint you if you want them to interact with clients directly.


No one likes someone who constantly boasts or brags about their achievements. Opt for an employee who can prove their value through hard work instead of exaggerated words. If you want a productive work environment, your team should not consist of arrogant employees.


All companies want someone willing to do more work than what is required of them. Someone who can exceed expectations and accept any task or project no matter how difficult it is.


A passionate employee will not feel like he is working because he loves what he does in his job. Thus, he will put in his best effort without being asked for it. Although money is a great motivator, an employee should still appear like they enjoy what they are doing to get that money instead of the opposite.


All employees should listen attentively and know how to follow instructions. Otherwise, this may lead to faulty products, missing vital information, mistakes and unhappy or disappointed clients. Being able to follow instructions correctly without the need for repetition defines a reliable employee.

A reliable employee also means being capable of taking additional responsibilities, showing up to work early or on time and adhering to deadlines.


Most people don’t like being around negative people and this also goes the same with companies. Keep in mind that positive behaviour is contagious so hiring employees with these attitudes can help lighten up the work environment. A positive person can work happily and efficiently no matter how tedious the task is. 

Optimistic people are also a great addition to any team since they tend to socialise better and assist in formulating solutions.

Culturally suited

Finding an applicant is easy but hiring someone suitable for your office culture can be hard. To successfully find a culturally fit candidate, you need to have a clear idea of what the work culture within your company is like. Think about the values that your organisation holds and the daily workplace practices that every employee should follow.

Employees who can’t follow the company culture will usually leave or resign faster than those who are culturally fit. Once you find a potential applicant, make sure to attract them with competitive compensation packages and learning opportunities since such employees are a great addition to the workforce.


Driven employees do not need to be pushed to work harder or to get their work done. This is because they already are self-motivated and can fix a model or pace that they want to follow. Companies won’t have to worry about slacking or inconsistency since driven employees generally perform outstanding work. 

In addition, driven employees do not need additional rewards to exert effort in their work. They believe in themselves and can take criticism. Moreover, they are persistent in improving their knowledge regularly.


Eager employees are energetic and enthusiastic. They have an edge over others since they don’t experience burnout easily. These employees are upbeat and always happy to learn new things and strive for success. Adding eager employees is great for a company since they can trigger new ideas and can make their coworkers enjoy working with them.


People who are willing to put extra time and effort into a project even if it means working past the 9 to 5 schedule are considered hard working. An effective and successful company should consist of industrious employees who are willing to execute labour-intensive or time-consuming tasks.

Team player

Most companies have teams and departments that enable employees to perform their work as individuals and as members of the team. Team players have long patience, great social skills and strong tolerance. These traits will help encourage other team members to get involved. As a result, work will be done faster and relations among employees will improve.


Companies want those who do not have to be told what they should do. Being a self-starter means being aware of the roles and duties of the position you hold. As a self-starter, you should know how to improve yourself as well as your strengths and weaknesses. You should be disciplined and strive to be better. 

In addition, self-starters are always punctual and are not easily distracted by their phones or casual internet browsing. They don’t need to procrastinate and do not often take unnecessary breaks. 


Proactive employees take initiative in discovering methods of being productive which is great for companies. They can think ahead and implement without having to be told. Any manager would favour proactive employees if there’s any chance for advancement.

In addition, proactive people are willing to take action and risks whenever needed. This can still lead to failures but this is still the stepping stone to success. Nevertheless, hiring proactive people will help make money for your company since they are action-oriented and are not stagnant.


Being a presentable employee does not mean being handsome or beautiful only. A presentable employee should also look professional and pay attention to details. These are the ones who take pride in their work. They can represent the company and convey a good impression of it to the client. Aside from looking professional, they should also act like one and have a favourable attitude.


Paying attention to details is vital in work since even a single mistake can create major issues. Detail-oriented employees are those who take serious attention to detail. They put extra effort in checking minor details that many others will bypass. 


Every company needs people with creative and innovative ideas so the business will continue to grow and prosper. Creative employees can think out of the box and are willing to try new things to reduce the mundaneness of their daily work. This will improve the employee and company productivity. This is because creative people can help market and advertise the company through their ideas and skills.


A great employee should have authenticity and integrity. This can be achieved simply by being honest. Those who are honest can attract clients and create better relationships within the company. An honest employee is always transparent and humble which is why they are greatly appreciated especially if they are in higher ranks.


Every company needs a flexible employee who can adapt to new ways of doing their work on just short notice. Flexible employees are capable of working in various environments and changing business conditions. They are willing to learn new skills and processes as part of the change.

Independent thinker

Instead of agreeing with everything the management says, employees should have their own opinions and learn how to stand their ground. This will prevent them from being overworked or underpaid. They should know how the company runs and formulate methods on how they can finish their work easier without having to wait for the management to provide the solutions.


Being a professional does not only mean having a degree or extensive knowledge of the work. It also means dressing and acting accordingly. In addition, professionals know how to handle responsibilities and work on time. They respect their customers and care about the reputation of the company.

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