Top companies that work for behaviour change

Behaviour change tackles a lot of topics and sticks to a lot of those at most. This is why it is always a must for a lot of people to know which companies have ideals that lead to more innovation than just being focused on profit alone.

A lot of companies have come up with bright ideas to innovate the level of technology that we have today. The past few decades have been proof of that and it shows just how much impact they can make to the lives of many, and that makes companies even better as a whole.

Bitesize has been one of the dedicated companies that have worked hard on that path. They are leading by example and have been pushing for more change than we all know of. This only proves that companies that advocate more innovations serve the best interests of the people and not just their own.

Here are some of the top companies that work for behaviour change:


BetterUp is a private company founded in 2013 in the United States and is known as the global leader in mobile-based coaching to a lot of people. They specialise in counselling and mentorship without the need for a physical gathering. The company combines their world-class coaching with AI tech and behavioural science to deliver a huge change at a strong pace.


Flybits is another private company in Canada that makes use of the contextual recommendation engine to deliver financial personalised services and offers. There are even works for this site that makes use of content for its clients and help them make campaigns for companies.

Volta Industries

Volta Industries is the largest free electric car charging company network in the United States and was founded in 2010. This company trades free electric vehicle charging services for long-term media rights at high-value properties. With their move to convert media into an engine for public good, Volta makes a huge impact in their campaign for behaviour change.


Glooko was founded in the United States in 2010 and still delivers an FDA-cleared, HIPAA-compliant SaaS and mobile platform designed to improve health outcomes. This company is focused on people with diabetes and they work to reduce the costs to help out with diabetes population management through the use of analysis and care management.

Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics has been a leading company in terms of innovation. They are focused on finding new machine learning methods that can find passive patterns in a huge data set while also inferring computer models of how cells can read genomes and even create biomolecules. That leads to a casual interpretation of behaviour change in certain target audiences.


Virti is a private company that uses artificial intelligence to help employees learn faster and keep up with their training faster than the usual pace. This company aims to drive a strong behaviour change across a team to help employees to be better prepared and develop new skills faster.


NEXThink is one of the Swiss private companies founded in 2004 that has a focus on their vision to transform how the Global 5000 service providers see, use and operate within their IT infrastructure. This company is also known for its advanced monitoring, discovery and analytics solutions.


AnyRoad was founded in 2011 as a private company and is known as one of the top Experience Relationship Management (ERM) platforms that enables global brands to properly measure, scale, and implement their experiential marketing campaigns. AnyRoad helps companies create brand loyalty, change consumer behaviour, and implement them to the fullest.

Exibea (aka ELIQ)

ELIQ works on a range of inspiring solutions for home energy management that helps people take control of their electric consumption while working to save both money and the environment. Their devices are designed with modern smart metres and are easy to install, making them smooth for a lot of clients.


Wellth is known for its works with insurers and risk-bearing providers to motivate patient behaviour change and better adherence to treatment through the use of financial incentives. They also tackle behavioural economic strategies which led to an intuitive solution for most of their clients over the years.

These companies that work for the betterment of human life only shows that we are still as compassionate as we can be. People can be tough on others, but behavioural change is one of the biggest steps towards innovation, something that companies such as Bitesize focus on.

Behavioural change is the key towards more success for a lot of companies, and this shows a lot of ideals on how they want to change the world for the better.

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