How to change your behaviour effectively

Bitesize: How to change your behaviour effectively

Changing your behaviour takes great courage and discipline to happen. However, behaviour change does not take effect immediately or after a couple of days. You need to have a consistent attitude for a long period to prove that you have changed.

However, some people give up easily when they want to change themselves for the better. This is because they think they’re not making the right decision or they don’t want to exert extra effort into the process. If you are stuck in such situations, here are some things that will change your behaviour a lot easier and faster:

Do not stay in a bad environment

If you think your current environment is the reason why your behaviour is on the negative side, you need to leave. For most people, this is the easiest way to change their unwanted behaviour. This is because your environment can manipulate your decision-making and will tempt you into opting for choices that will affect you or the people around you negatively.

For instance, let’s say you wanted to lose weight. However, the path you’re taking on the way to and from work is full of cafes, restaurants or snack machines. Change your environment by choosing another path where you won’t encounter such establishments. This will retrain your brain into making other choices that don’t involve food.

Learn to reward yourself

Every time you take on a new challenge or meet your goals, make sure to reward yourself. This way, you can feel that you really are improving and achieving something. This will also inject fun into your life and is a great way to take care of yourself. Rewards to yourself do not always have to be grand. Just ensure that you enjoy what you plan to get or experience whether it is a trip overseas, climbing a mountain or just a short stop at your favourite restaurant.

Change how you want to reach your goals

We all want to reach our goals easily and quickly but sadly that is not how it works. Most people can’t reach their dreams due to procrastination. You can change this by setting smaller goals or breaking them down into bite-sized plans. This way, you won’t pressure yourself and you can celebrate your achievements more often.

Reevaluate the people you hang out

Do the people you hang out with often drag you down or make unwanted gossip about you? Learn to address the criticism and negativity not by quarrelling with them or stooping on their level. Instead, save yourself by opting to choose the type of people that will contribute to your growth.

Change one step at a time

Changing can be a hard and lengthy process. That is why you should change one step at a time. Focus on fixing one bad habit that is getting on with your productivity or self-development. Think of your change as a special project that you need to spend a month or a year to finish. After completing it, move on to your next ‘project’. Eventually, you will realize that you are now reaping the benefits of all the steps you have taken.

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