Our skilled team combines revolutionary behavior change, mentorship, and technology to create a unique learning methodology. Our consultation services partners with clients to create custom training materials that, when combined with our technology, change behaviors.


4 LEVERS to Get results

Change naturally causes friction. Bitesize decreases the friction on the path toward your desired results. We smooth the way by applying these 4 bite-sized Levers in behavior change.

The Environmental Lever 

Bitesize experts help you prepare a setting that will increase the likelihood of desired behavior change and decrease the need for sheer will power.

The Social Lever

At Bitesize, we create accountability and mentorship. We use social fines and social rewards to create accountability. In other words, we help mentors apply constructive social pressure.

The Psychological Lever

Instead of defying the natural way people behave, we plan the psychological effects that will build confidence ramps. A ramp leads to gradually increased confidence. Instead of starting with a big ask that can lead to a crash, we start with a small ask that builds confidence.  

The Neurological Lever

At Bitesize, we know how people respond to change, not very well. That is why we build neurological levers. With these levers, we get attention and disrupt current habits, We then continue to work on developing memory and reinforcing the desired behavior until it becomes a habit. 

Additionally, our patent-pending methodology includes careful sequencing and recognizes the seven layers of influence that lead to successful behavior change.