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Bitesize will work directly with your direct sales company to change behaviors of your sales force. We teach your distributors how to effectively share and sell products. Not only that, we teach the best business practices to help them succeed. We work with you to make back office resources more effective. Our technology allows the distributor to easily access difficult to find materials and quickly share product information. Our process builds your sales force to educate prospects and retain customers. Request a demo to see how Bitesize can drive your company to greater enrollment and sales.

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Bitesize can benefit healthcare in two important ways. First, we can help you dedicated staff rise higher. Within healthcare, there are many regulations to remember and implement. Incorrectly implementing these regulations can cost facilities hundreds of thousands! Our proven process can transform your staff to remember more and preform expertly. We provide the reminders that your busy staff needs at just the right time.

The second way Bitesize can help heathcare is patient rehabilitation. Patients often don't follow medical advice after they leave the facility. They then fall short of a full recovery. Our platform is ideal for patient recovery and health improvement because we support new habits. Bitesize can help your patients realize the full benefit of your expertise.

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Preventable workplace injuries and lost  time costs companies thousands each year. Bitesize helps companies by cutting these losses through effective behavior change. Our methodology supports safety behaviors by using social accountability, memorable information, and on-the-job implementation. Bitesize can help your company rally behind greater safety practices. 

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How often do your learners leave seminars feeling motivated, but still fail to implement your ideas and concepts? Your ideas will change the world only if people consistently apply what they have learned. We provide a time and cost efficient method for delivering behaviorally-focused curriculum to groups all around the world. Utilize our behavior change platform to transform the world.